We accelerate the growth of CBD and supplement companies through digital marketing.


Superhuman Digital has always been a little wellness obsessed. Could you really expect otherwise? (We ask as we reach for the CBD oil.)

Our team of seasoned specialists, from Google ads to SEO and more, is here to help your business thrive. By working to build brand awareness, drive traffic in-store and online, we strive to ultimately increase your sales. We believe in doing the research, especially when “doing the research” entails trying new CBD and THC products.


Our founder, Stephen Stanczak is analytically minded, technically skilled, and is always looking for ways to be a better (super?) human.

Stephen began his career in advertising, got an MBA from Cornell, and learned everything he could about acronyms like SEO and SEM. When Stephen set out to launch his own digital marketing company, he quickly realized that wellness brands were the most fun. So he decided to specialize in that niche and Superhuman Digital was born.


We believe in delivering real results to our clients.
We believe that there is no substitute for hard work and a clear mind.
We believe in keeping up with trends and practicing what we preach.
We believe that you are how you feel, especially when you’re a brand.